Sharif Hussein proclaimed King of Arabs

Sharif Hussein bin Ali was proclaimed King of Arabs on 4 November 1916, with the consensus of free and leading Arabs.

Arabs pledged allegiance to Sharif Hussein as King at the Grand Mosque, after Prince Abdullah met with members of the new government, and the tribal leaders, scholars, sheikhs and notables of Mecca, such as Fuad Al Khatib, Muhyiddin Al Khatib, Kamil Al Qassab, Abdullah Siraj, Yousef Qattan, Hafiz Amin Afandy, and Aziz Ali Al Misri as well as the tribes of Bakri and Daouq.

These figures agreed unanimously to pledge allegiance to Sharif Hussein as King of Arabs, a position that the Sharif refused profusely, as he was not seeking monarchy or rule. But he agreed and honoured their request after they insisted on proclaiming him King.

On the occasion, Sharif Hussein delivered a speech affirming that unity, responsibility, consultation and teamwork in accordance with the Quran and the Sunna of Prophet Mohammad are the only way to salvation. “You have given me a responsibility whose gravity I am most aware of. I have always said that I am one of the people of this Ummah, believing in what they believe is right, rejecting what they reject as wrong, and extending my hand to all who agree to turn to the book of Allah and the Sunna of his Messenger. If what you wish is inevitable, I request that you aid me with your discipline, and with your opinions and actions in all that may fulfil our aspirations and yours to serve Arabs and Muslims,” he said.